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Come and join our PUA Community in Hungary, Budapest!

BudapestPUA.com is the number one, most effective personal development training in Europe and Hungary, that can change the men’s life. The secret is nothing else, than the fully focused attention to the clients.

We get to know each participants of the VIP coaching, and we customize the whole training procedure to suit the individual needs and goals. We teach our clients, how to use their own identity and personality to let the women find them attractive-without any pickup templates (some of the templates, what we teach for the zero beginners are just crutches, and we suggest to leave them in 1-2 month!)

It’s not about dating cliches…

The focus is not on the learning of dating text templates, but on the development of personality and lifestyle. The goal of Mex Deluxe (founder) is to reform the mindset and lifestyle of men in order to educate them for a more manlike and goal-oriented life beside of a beautiful woman in a happy relationship.

The biggest personal development and confidence raising trainer company in Middle Europe

PUA.HU and BudapestPUA started in 2007 and became the leading coaching company of Hungary in the field of dating, self-development, seated in Budapest and with multiple media-appearence. The whole movement was initiated from a nonprofit initiative by Mex Deluxe, who changed the life of several thousand men via free PUA.HU courses, trainings, presentations, pua-bootcamps and conferences gradually. Because of the high numbers of interested applicants and participants, it became a well-profitable enterprise by 2011.

Mex Deluxe, the founder

Az The founder and CEO Mex Deluxe has appeared in the most famous hungarian newspapers, TV shows, radio shows and other medias along the years( more info: media appearences), he was the founder of the hungarian Dating Community and of the Dating and Relationship Confrence in 2009. He has very good connections abroad, he and his events were visited by many famous foreign trainers, just like:

  • Badboy from Croatia
  • Richard La Ruina/Gambler from England (PuaTraining)
  • Papa (Real Social Dynamics – RSD) from Los Angeles
  • Pete Sweeney (Paul Janka UK)from  Manchester
  • Yad (Daygame.com) from London
  • T. Jonathan Sankey (SeduceInSeconds) from Sydney, Australia

Our credo here is, that the personality and lifestyle of our clients is being pushed forward by effective and innovative solutions.We always aim the perfection and impeccable workarounds in our trainings. We take full responsibility for the results, and we search as long for newer solutions as long they do not meet our expectations, moreover, they get above theexpectations.

About the enterprise

The roots of our company and coaching enterprise date back to 2005/2006, that was the date, when the core trainer team was established with the lead of Mex Deluxe. Initially we educated for years hundreds of people for free, but because of the emerging demand, it became an enterprise. Ever since we recruited a whole team of highly educated coaches and trainers, among them lifestyle advisors, dance instructors, humor trainers and verbal self-defence trainers as well. To provide customized effective and goal-orientated trainings we recruit such experts, who devote their talent to our client’s needs. Our Trainers are being educated on famous Hungarian (ELTE/Corvinus) and foreign universitis in order to develop their knowledge in a professional and academic level.

Our central office is located in Budapest, but our clients come from every corner of the country and the world.

What you gonna get from us:

  • Practical onsite training and modeling of real events (Click here for the practical exercise ««)
  • Customized program for your needs
  • Feedback about each of your approaches
  • Live exercise and roleplay
  • Confidence-raising exercises
  • Assignments and tasks, which keep you motivated throughout the training
  • Every information material and source, you need for success 
  • Every tool, that you need to start dating women you dream about
  • Complete fashion ans lifestyle advisory  (Click here for our VIP Coaching program ««)

Other trainings and books only provide general informations, like text-templates and techniques, but we know, that each guy is different and everybody has its own attractive characteristics. Our trainers get your attractive characteristics out from you in order to finally become an attractive man, who the girls are aiming for.

We spent extremely lot of time to improve the techniques of dating, personal development and confidence-fortification, and we also studied the man-woman psychology. We checked every method, system and technique about personal development. We went through more thousand hours of intensive exercise, including personal development courses, improvement of self-development, braincontrol and psychological workshops, and we analysed every interaction with women. We really experienced everything and so we can provide a revolutionary program, that is customized and tested hundred times in order to provide maximal results for our clients.

Th trainings are exclusives and confidentials, there are famous lawyers, athletes, top business executives and celebrities, what requires 100% of secrecy and privacy.

The time works against you, you miss a lot of opportunities each day, that never come back again!  Don’t hesitate, contact us,let’s start to build up your new, attractive personality and lifestyle. Don’t wait too long, because it becomes too much late.

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